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Mapps | Premiere 17th September 2022 at KULTURNATTEN I LUND (Sweden)

A sound walk featuring twelve different soundscapes recorded between Denmark, Germany, Italy, England, France and Paraguay.


Marie Stockmarr Becker (Denmark) –> website

Stefano De Ponti (Italy) –> website

Elisabetta Senesi (Italy) –> website

Valeria Merlini (Germany) –> website

Walk through the city center of while listening to the sounds collected by four international sound artist and meant to be listened in the city of Lund.

Through a collection of soundscapes from different cities all over the world MAPPS reflects on the concepts of urban environment, cultural diversity and globalization.

Use the map you will be given in the courtyard of St. Thomas church. Scan the QR code to instant access the sound files.

Wear your own headphones, choose one or more paths to follow and play.

OBS! Bring your headphones (a pair for each person) and your smartphone.

Be careful when you walk! The recorded sounds often blend with the real ones…

“The experience of listening to matching/missmatching sounds while walking through an urban environment could be pleasurably uncanny”.

Funded by Torsten Tegstams stipendiefond.