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AO_022 | La natura delle cose ama celarsi – Publication

QR Stone + Booklet

La natura delle cose ama celarsi by Stefano De Ponti
Audio content duration: 1:44:56 Min
Packaging: Delux box with foam insert containing the QR stone + booklet
4 tracks, limited edition of 92 copies
Sounds by Stefano De Ponti

Booklet: 40 pages, B/W
Words edited in collaboration with Peppe Trotta and Adam Zuckerman
Photos by Andrea Berti and Francesca Lenzi
Download code included
Release date : 24/05/2022

1. Impermanenze 42:18 min
2. Relazione Minima 43:28 min
3. Cimento 14:26 min
4. Transient Mobiles 04:44 min


The archive for this release contains four folders, one for each stage of the project.
Inside you’ll find multiple PDFs containing over 200 additional images of conceptual drawings, prototypes, live performances, visual scores and an intimate look into the artist’s personal notebook detailing his thoughts, ideas and processes for the entire work.

Also included is a promotional video and 32 additional audio tracks including that of a live performance and a podcast episode of free sound and textual associations selected from the notebook and from the processing recordings.

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