Stefano De Ponti

Hearing is seeing

V/A: Acquainted with passing clouds

V/A: Acquainted with passing clouds
Limited edition CD / digital

A compilation by Triple Moon Records

I’m there with “Medioevo” a composition realized in collaboration with Emanuele Magni

I’m really thankfull for that, because “Medioevo” is one of the new sounds that represent for me a new point of start in my artistic path. It contens some of the most beautiful memories from the recent past (the cello and field recordings was recorded at Les FAC in august 2015), an electronic treatment realized by Ema and me mixed with a new method/rules for the organizzation of the sound; furthermore this music was inspired from a new video / installation (not yet finished) by Federico Lupo / Guillaume Von Holden of which will be the soundtrack. So, what ask more? Anyway, the title and the music speaks. For who wants listen…