Selected reviews

I am impressed by the intensity of the music and the compilation of the tape who touches different musical and emotional moods”
Jan Kees Helm on Vital Weekly

At just over 25 minutes, you might be tempted to call this an EP, but let’s not get tripped up by categorizations.  There is plenty here to get lost in, and the material encourages repeat listens”
Joseph Sannicandro on A Closer Listen

A work which won” it probably satisy the fundamentalists of hype music, but which will be able to get the appreciation of those of you who have always dreamed the the Slint, Angelo Badalamenti and Brian Eno recorded an album together
Nicola Giunta on The New Noise

Far away from any calculated detachment, despite the large studio work and the remarkable care for the details, Like Lamps On By Day turns out to be an album of absolute value, which draws on the inner being of the listener without giving up its personality
Emiliano Zanotti on Sodapop

Stefano De Ponti has acquired a fundamental music notion: the landscape. That is, that effective construction of a coherent auditive horizon which shines through every track of his new album by a truly constructive mechanism where various elements stand one close to the othe
Zeno Gabaglio on Azione

nostalgia and distant echoes plunged into a big kaleidoscope of sensations. Precious sound gems, nestled on the canvas, are the cornerstone of a work rich in vitality, in which the need of communicating emotions is filtered by a personal and warm touch. Small subtleties for those who look for something new
Michele Viali on Darkroom Magazine

Like Lamps On by Day
cassette tape / CDr / digital


1. Passo Uno: Texture for a Faded Youth
2. Blindman’s Bluff
3. From the Belly
4. Drawn by Sea
5. I’m Talking About Anything
6. We Need Not Destroy the Past It Is Gone
7. Amnios (bonus track)

Performed, recorded and assembled between July 2011 and July 2013
Flute and cello by Alessandro Bider
The dialogue is taken from Claude Lelouch “Un homme et une femme”
A special thanks goes to Raffaele Viti for the cover image

This work is dedicated to life

Published by Old Bicycle Records and Under My Bed
November, 2013