Ryan / De Ponti

Music and footage by David Ryan (Bass Clarinet) and Stefano De Ponti (Buchla Music Easel)

Streamed on Tuesday 6th April 2021 –
thanks to The Horse online in collaboration with Iklectik


De Ponti / Peluffo


Published by Falt Records

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De Ponti / Moretti


Arrangements of fragments and improvised constructions.
A disruption of the status quo. An elegy to the unfinished.

Recorded at Spazio NUB – Sept 8/9, 2019
Featuring  Vojtěch Bárta and Gabriella Denisi

Mastering by Emanuele Magni
Artwork by Sophie Ko

Published by Dinzu Artefacts

Vital Weekly
Onda Rock


De Ponti / Moretti


Erasure of the contradiction between real and imaginary.
Temporal layers are juxtaposed with different speeds, creating polyphonies of sound spectrums.
The time flux is not regular or linear, it’s bent.

Live processing, synth and prepared guitar by ​Stefano De Ponti
Drums, percussions and vibraphone by ​Elia Moretti
Bass clarinet by ​Samuel Angus McGehee
Recorded and mixed at O.F.F. Studio by ​Paul Beauchamp
Additional mixing by ​Stefano De Ponti​ and ​Emanuele Magni
Art by ​Sophie Ko​, ​Geografia Temporlae 2014

Published by Dinzu Artefacts

So What