Stefano De Ponti

Hearing is seeing


11/18 Echoing “Calce” at Loco’s, Rovereto (TN)
11/1  Echoing “Calce” at Spazio Riu, Rimini
10/31  Echoing “Calce” with Alessandra Novaga at Euphorbia, Bologna
10/17  Echoing “Calce” at Space Školská 28, Praha
09/14 The Verge of Ruin at Audiovisiva, Milano
09/03 Echoing “Calce” at Magazzino sul Po’ / Imago – Varvara Festival, Torino
09/02 Echoing “Calce” at Frame Live Club, La Spezia
07/17  Echoing “Calce” at Spektrum, Berlin
07/10 to 13 residence and performance with Elia Moretti and Eleonora Pellegrini at Plum Yard, Malovice (CZ)
07/08 Echoing “Calce”, Plum Yard festival Malovice (CZ)
06/24 solo for the Vernissage K7 Split FAC at Glaucal, Courfaivre (CH)
05/22 Promiscua #1 at Macao, Milano
05/22 performing Calce / extended quartet version at Casa Medusa, Milano
05/07 solo at Piccola Ospitalità, Campagna
05/06 solo at Riot, Napoli
04/28 solo at Von Holden Studio, Palermo
02/11 to 14Forking Paths/The Verge of Ruin at Art, Rotterdam
01/23 Forking Paths/The Verge of Ruin at Acud Macht Neu, Berlin
12/04Forking Paths/The Verge of Ruin with Nicola di Croce and Paolo Tarsi at Spazio Aereo, Venezia
08/01 solo with Jooklo Duo and Shari De Lorian at Le Four at Chaux, St. Ursanne (CH)
03/06 Play Lumanoise!, solo at Arci L’impegno, Milano
01/22 solo at Moonshine, Milano
12/20 solo at ZUT!, Foligno
12/19 to 20 Hearing is Seeing / Landscape series, ZUT!, Foligno
10/22 solo with Drekka and My Dear Killer, GrindHouse, Varese
09/27 solo at Analogica Festival #4, Ora Bolzano
09/20 solo at XWA, Teatro Rossi, Pisa
09/19 solo at Palazzo Casorella, Locarno
09/17 solo at Spazio Well, Zurigo
09/11 Morocco Sketches / Landscape series, ZUT!, Foligno
07/03 solo at Nerodiseppia, Venice
06/27 solo with Maurizio Abate and Alberto Boccardi, apparizione, Milan
05/24 solo at Musica nelle Valli, San Martino Spino
05/14 solo with Diane Cluck, Bad Bonn, Düdingen
05/13 solo with Aun and Ensemble Economique, Oslo Ten, Basel
05/03 solo at IT Festival, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano
04/19 solo at Circoru, Locarno
04/15 solo at Blau Studio, Milano
03/15 solo at Medionauta, with My Dear Killer, Milan