Stefano De Ponti

Selected works



Stefano De Ponti / organiser of sounds and images.
He uses microphones like a camera, musical instruments like a canvas and photography like words, blurring the boundery between hearing and seeing. Landscape, action, word and materia are some of the basic elements composing his research, developing between performance and radio art, stage music and audiovisual installation, touching upon soundscapes and electroacustic music. In different forms and places he has presented his works in Europe, Russia and Indonesia.

Excerpts and Radio Works

Old Bicycle, Under My Bed, Many Feet Under, La Grotta, Kohlhaas, Vacuamoenia, Apparizione, Sonospace, Triple Moon, Setola di Maiale
The Verge of Ruin, De Ponti / Moretti
Emanuele Magni, Eleonora Pellegrini, Federico Lupo, My Dear Killer,
Riserva Canini, Phoebe Zeitgeist
Radio Cometa Rossa, Sherwood, Sodapop
The New Noise, Sonospace

Split and Compilations
Split FAC, Acquainted with passing clouds, Burnt Circuits…

Digital Releases
Innerscape, Live in Basel, Vacuos, Crepe, Apparizione,
Venice, Morocco Sketches
Artist in Residence at
2016 Plum Yard, Malovice CK
2015 FAC Project, St. Ursanne CH
2014 La Rada, Locarno
2013 La Corte Ospitale, Reggio Emilia
2012 Centro di Palmetta, Terni
2012 Theatre Gerard Philipe, Nancy
2011 Teatro Era, Pontedera
Previous Projects
DP|N|PMe And the White LashPasso UnoTrazeroeuno
Previous Collaborations
Menoventi, Deflorian/Tagliarini, Attilio Scarpellini, AstorriTintinelli, Compagnia Nut, Le Gros Ballon, Nina Haab, Alessandro Ligato, Yolenth Van Den Hoogen
Selected Live Performances, Installations and Theatre Replicas
10/31 Euphorbia, Bologna (De Ponti / Moretti)
10/17 Space Školská 28, Praha (De Ponti / Moretti)
09/14 Audiovisiva, Milano (The Verge of Ruin)
09/03 Varvara Festival, Torino (De Ponti / Moretti)
07/17 Spektrum, Berlin (De Ponti / Moretti)
07/08 Plum Yard festival Malovice (De Ponti / Moretti)
06/16 Festival Gondomar, Porto (Talita Kum)
05/22 Macao, Milano
05/06 Riot, Napoli
04/28 Von Holden Studio, Palermo
02/11 Art, Rotterdam (The Verge of Ruin)
01/23 Acud Macht Neu, Berlin (Sonospace live)
12/04 Spazio Aereo, Venezia (The Verge of Ruin)
08/01 Le Four at Chaux, St. Ursanne (CH)
11/18 Argot Studio, Roma (I bej giorni di Aranujez)
09/27 Analogica Festival #4, Ora Bolzano
09/18 Festival International of Puppets, Sofia (Talita Kum)
05/14 Bad Bonn, Düdingen
05/13 Oslo Ten, Basel
05/10 Scenes Ouvertes à l’Insolite, Paris (Talita Kum)
03/06 Festival International de Izmir (Talita Kum)
09/28 Pierrot Festival, Stara Zagora (Talita Kum)
09/01 World Puppet Carnival, Jakarta (Talita Kum)
05/15 French Cultural Center, Istanbul (Talita Kum)
04/20 Festival Internacional de Titeres, Cali (Talita Kum)
11/06 Elfo Puccini, Milano (L’uomo della Sabbia)
10/30 Theatre Center Na Strastnom, Moscow (L’uomo della Sabbia)
07/13 Festival di Santarcangelo, Ravenna (L’uomo della Sabbia)
10/15 Vie Scena Festival, Modena (L’uomo della Sabbia)
10/03 Sound Metak, Milano (Passo Uno)