I’m an organizer of sounds and images. I use the microphones like a movie camera, musical instruments like canvases and the images as a words, blurring the borders between the hearing with the seeing. Through the years I focused my artistic path on the meta-narrative power of sound, alongside to the teaching of pictorial disciplines and music workshops. Landscape, action, word and matter are some of the basical themes of my research, which moves between performances, radio, records, sound sculptures and painted scores.
Among the others I have published with: Old Bicycle Records (CH), Under My Bed (IT), Many Feet Under (IT), La Grotta (IT) , Kohlhaas (IT), Vacuamoenia (IT), Apparizione (IT), Sonospace (UK), Triple Moon (FR), Setola di Maiale (IT), EEEE (CH), Dinzu Artifacts (US), Luce Sia (CH).
In different forms and contexts, I showed my work in: Europe, Russia, Asia, Canada and Sud America.

Archived projects
DP|N|PMe And the White Lash,
Passo UnoTrazeroeuno

Past selected shows
29/11/19 Tempo Reale Festival, Firenze
02/11/19 DAS, Bologna
12/05/19 Viabuonfanti42, Pistoia
16/02/19 LAC / Masi, Lugano
21/09/18 Lume, Milano
15/06/18 Standards, Milano w/TVOR
03/03/18 Volum E, Milano w/TVOR
06/04/18 Sublime Grove, Torino w/TVOR
06/11/17 Galleria Più, Bologna
20/10/17 Contemporanea Acusmatica, Udine
31/10/16 Euphorbia, Bologna w/DP|M
17/10/16 Space Školská 28, Praha w/DP|M
14/09/16 Audiovisiva, Milano w/TVOR
03/09/16 Varvara Festival, Torino w/DP|M
17/07/16 Spektrum, Berlin w/DP|M
08/07/16 Plum Yard festival, Malovice w/DP|M
22/05/16 Macao, Milano
06/05/16 Riot, Napoli
28/04/16 Von Holden Studio, Palermo
11/02/16 Art, Rotterdam w/TVOR
23/01/16 Acud Macht Neu, Berlin
04/12/15 Spazio Aereo, Venezia w/TVOR
01/08/15 Le Four at Chaux, St. Ursanne (CH)
27/09/14 Analogica Festival #4, Ora Bolzano
14/05/14 Bad Bonn, Düdingen
13/05/14 Oslo Ten, Basel