Audiovisual composition for resonant voice, tape, electronics, prepared speakers and polymaterial textures.

Official Selection: 2019

Malgrado col tempo si sfaldi / Klastos_First Fragment

“Malgrado col tempo si sfaldi” ecology, memory and impermanence, eight compositions in perpetual becoming for electro-acoustic ensemble and sound sculptures.

Official Selection: 2019

Accenti sonori per Sempatap – MASI

Originally part of my personal research process “Malgrado col tempo si sfaldi”, I adapted this performance for the finissage of “Sempatap” an exhibition by Vera Trachsel at MASI – Lugano / Feb. 19, 2019.

11.06.2018 → 15.06.2018

Artist in residence at Standards

I bei giorni di Aranjuez
by Peter Handke

Italian premier

Radiodrama for Radio3 RAI Tutto esaurito! 
Music and sound design

Homage to Jean Fouquet

Suond: Stefano De Ponti, Emanuele Magni
Video: Federico Lupo

The installation consists of three video loops soundtracked by a track for cello, Buchla and magnetic tape composed according to a random number system and subsequently processed. 3 vintage photographic reproductions of some details taken from ‘Pieta in Nouans-les-Fontaines’ (1474) and from the ‘Diptych of Melun’ (c. 1450-1455) – both works by the Frenchman Joan Fouquet – are scanned and processed through two cheap wireless reception systems for video surveillance assembled in parallel. The 3 video loops are the result of a recording of analog signals and interference between the different reception frequencies. For the installation, the audio track was divided into three rings of magnetic tape, which generate a one minute loop each. Moving from the tape recorders to the stands they are stretched to, the tapes delimit a physical space, suggesting a material perception of sound and marking a concrete spatial and metaphorically temporal distance between the work and the visitor.

Official Selection: Contemporanea Acusmatica 2017