I’m an organizer of sounds and images, I use the microphones like a movie camera, musical instruments like canvases and the images as a words and music scores, blurring the limits between the hearing with seeing. Through the years I focused my artistic path on the narrative use of sound, alongside to the teaching of pictorial disciplines and music workshops. Landscape, action, word and matter are some of the basical themes of my research, which moves between performances, radio art, theater and installations.

Talks SoWhat – Sodapop
Projects DP | M – The Verge of Ruin
Collaborations Riserva Canini – Phoebe Zeitgeist
Progetto Demoni – Fango Radio

stefanodeponti1980 [at] gmail [dot] com
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Selected issues
Morocco Sketches, Sonospace
Malagrazia____landfall, Luce Sia
Physis – w/Eleonora Pellegrini, Many Feet Under
Before we were… – w/ Elia Moretti, Dinzu Artefacts
Learn to Love Solitude – w/TVoR, Setola di Maiale
Fin​-​d’Ersástz / 20xx – 2016, La Grotta
Innerscape, Vacuamoenia
Calce – w/Nina Haab, Kohlhaas
Benthic – w/ DP|N|P, Triple Moon
Venice, Sonospace
Like Lamps on By Day, Old Bicycle Records

Resident artist at
Cross Award – Verbania, 2018 
Standards – Milano, 2018 
Spam! – Lucca, 2018 
Plum Yard – Malovice CK, 2016 
FAC Project – St. Ursanne CH, 2015 
La Rada – Locarno, 2014
Theatre Gerard Philipe – Nancy, 2012
Teatro Era – Pontedera, 2011

Selected gigs
10/12 DAS, Bologna
06/29 Cross Festival, Verbania (Aspra)
05/12 Viabuonfanti42, Pistoia
02/16 LAC / Masi, Lugano
10/24 TdC, Milano (Il Mio Compleanno)
21/09 Lume, Milano
07/06 Giardino delle Esperidi (Il Mio Compleanno)
06/15 Standards, Milano (TVoR)
03/03 Volum E, Milano (TVoR)
04/06 Sublime Grove, Torino (TVoR)
04/27  Elfo Puccini,  Milano (Malagrazia)
05/15 Rinnovati, Siena (Il Mio Compleanno)
11/06 Chappaqua / Galleria Più, Bologna
10/20 Contemporanea Acusmatica
10/31 Euphorbia, Bologna (DP | M)
10/17 Space Školská 28, Praha (DP | M)
09/14 Audiovisiva, Milano (TVoR)
09/03 Varvara Festival, Torino (DP | M)
07/17 Spektrum, Berlin (DP | M)
07/08 Plum Yard, Malovice (DP | M)
06/16  Gondomar, Porto (Talita Kum)
05/06 Riot Studio, Napoli
04/28 Von Holden Studio, Palermo
02/11 Art, Rotterdam (TVoR)
01/23 Acud Macht Neu, Berlin (TVoR)
12/04 Spazio Aereo, Venezia (The Verge of Ruin)
08/01 Le Four at Chaux, St. Ursanne (CH)
11/18 Argot, Roma (I bei giorni di Aranujez)
09/27 Analogica Festival #4, Ora Bolzano
09/18 Puppets Festival, Sofia (Talita Kum)
05/14 Bad Bonn, Düdingen
05/13 Oslo Ten, Basel
05/10 Scenes Ouvertes, Paris (Talita Kum)
03/06 Festival de Izmir (Talita Kum)
09/28 Pierrot Festival, Stara Zagora (Talita Kum)
09/01 World Puppet Carnival, Jakarta (Talita Kum)
05/15 French Cultural Center, Istanbul (Talita Kum)
04/20 Festival de Titeres, Cali (Talita Kum)
10/30 Na Strastnom, Moscow (L’uomo della Sabbia)
07/13 Santarcangelo, Ravenna (L’uomo della Sabbia)