Stefano De Ponti

Hearing is seeing

Stefano de Ponti Hearing is seing


Live in Basel

May 13th, 2014 – Live in Basel digital tracklist 1. The inducted need (hypnosis version) – part I 2. No place, nowhere 3. The inducted need (hypnosis version) – part II 4. The orange...


Live in Zurich

September 17, 2014 – Live in Zurich digital tracklist 1. Live in Zurich recorded at Well Art Gallery voice and piano by Eleonora Pellegrini photo by Federica Bernardi self published November, 2014


Like Lamps On By Day – Cassette Gods

The work of a singular intelligence. The artist is conductor and engineer of his own bedroom symphony. He is patiently jamming away in his private, mystical world and presenting the fruits to the listener...


Peter Handke – I bei giorni di Aranjuez

I bei giorni di Aranjuez by Peter Handke Italian première translation by Françoise Bohr with Daria Deflorian and Attilio Scarpellini music and sound design Stefano De Ponti voice Monica De Muru piano Eleonora Pellegrini dates...


Burnt Circuits Kept Under My Bed

A.A.V.V. Burnt Circuits Kept Under My Bed cassette tape A celebrative compilation for the fortieth publication of Under My Bed Recordings. I’m there with the track Physis (follow this link to know more about the...


Morocco Sketches

Morocco Sketches [excerpt] full digital version available here tracklist 1. Wait for M hamid 2. Gran taxi through the Draa Valley 3. Festival au Desert de M hamid Yasuyuki Ueda 4. Festival au Desert...